ThreeBond TB3732

Packing: 200 g

Model: TB3732

Color: White


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TB3732 is a single-component heat-curing type high temperature resistant inorganic adhesive that can cure at room temperature and has a heat resistance of up to 1400°C. It has good drying performance due to the alcohol based solvent, it forms a clean cured material with few bubbles, and it has no acidic or alkaline properties, so there is no corrosiveness, which allows it to be used safely. The cured material has excellent water resistance and electric insulation, so there is virtually no degradation of insulation property even when there is humidity. In addition to heat-resistant adhesion usages, it can also be used for filling adhesion and coating of sensors and elements, for oxidation-preventing coatings of metals, and as a stain preventing coating against carbon and sludge.


Water resistance
Good electric insulation
Excellent airtightness


Filling solidification for ceramics, glass, and metal requiring high heat resistance, filling adhesion for sensors and elements, and coatings




High Temperature