ThreeBond TB1105

Packing: 150 g & 1 kg

Model: TB1105

Color: Black


TB1105 is a black, single-component all round liquid gasket for joints where extreme vibration is encountered. Threebond 1105 is to be applied in viscous condition on one of the fitting surfaces at room temperature, and then forms a peelable dry, elastic gasket within a very short time period. TB1105 will fill in all micro-sized roughness’s, such as tool marks and scratches along with macro-sized unevenness’s and therefore guarantees’ absolute conformity. This product offers excellent pressure resistance, even at extreme temperatures whilst also offering excellent chemical resistance. The curing process can be accelerated with heat and it boasts excellent dispensing and easy application thanks to its one-component nature with good thixotropic properties. The elastic rubber-like liquid gasket excels with excellent impact and vibration resistance.

• The curing process can be accelerated by heat treatment
• The elastic rubber-like liquid gasket excels in excellent impact and vibration resistance
• Excellent pressure resistance even at extreme temperature
• Excellent chemical resistance
• If required, the product can be used in combination with solid gaskets
• The dilution with solvents such as ethyl acetate and MEK is possible without any problems
• Resistant to oil & gasoline




Gasket Sealants, High Pressure, High Temperature, oil resistant