Rust Converter Super

RUST CONVERTER SUPER is a specially designed product that neutralises the corrosion process by reacting with the rust. It transforms iron oxides into stable insoluble blue-black metallo-organic complex inert surface.

Packing: 5 l & 25 l

Color: White, Blue-black after transformation

Brand: Vecom

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RUST CONVERTER SUPER gives a thorough chemical passivation of substrate making it a sound base for application of subsequent paint or coating systems. It is an excellent adhesion promoter for subsequent paint system and leaves a water-insoluble hydrophobic film. The product is non-hazardous and non-flammable.
RUST CONVERTER SUPER is compatible with most used paint types and coating systems, alkyd systems, modified alkyds, chlorinated rubber, epoxies, polyurethane, vinyl and the new water-based paint systems.


RUST CONVERTER SUPER is used on all rusted steel surfaces before painting or repainting when preparation by sandblasting is a problem, e.g. cargo holds, decks, hatch covers, super structures, pipe lines, winches, rails, etc. It is also used on sandblasted surfaces to prevent or passivate flash rust. Besides being particularly suitable for use in the highly corrosive marine atmosphere it is indeed also suitable for use on offshore oil rigs, shipyards and refineries.

Directions for use

Remove loose rust, rust scale/flakes by thorough wire brushing. Mill scale, rust chips, blisters, deteriorated paints, oil, grease etc. should also be removed if present. In heavy industrial and marine atmospheres rust always contains soluble salts. It is important to remove atmospheric salts by water wash with fresh water prior to application with RUST CONVERTER SUPER.

RUST CONVERTER SUPER is ready for use. One single thin application is sufficient. Apply by brush, roller or spray. 1 l covers approx. 20 m2. Reaction time is 3 hours and paints/coatings must not be applied sooner. If applied in confined areas, reaction time may be somewhat longer. It is not paint. Suitable paints/coatings must protect treated surfaces, preferably within 48 hours after application. Equipment should be washed and flushed in clean water after use.


RUST CONVERTER SUPER should not be applied on hot surfaces above 40°C. For instance: exposed deck area in sunny tropical climate. Such areas should be treated only when the area has cooled down during the evening and left for reaction overnight.




Corrosion Protection, Metalworking