Molykote P-40

Packing: 1 kg

Model: P-40

Color: Yellowish Brown


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Metal-free adhesive lubrication paste which can be used for all assembly and continuous lubricating jobs, particularly those exposed to corrosive environments such as splash water or humidity. A PAO based anti-seize paste formulated with solid lubricants such as white solids


Assembly and threaded connections, spline shafts, mounting of bearings. Continuous lubrication: for various parts in brake systems, in brake rods, guide bolts. Axles of commercial vehicles, cams and plain bearings; Open gears; Marine applications.

Assembly & Run-in; Gears, Gear Boxes, Pumps; Plain Bearings, Bushings & Sleeves; Threads, Threaded Connections

Features & Benefits

Excellent adhesion; Good corrosion protection; Good water resistance; Good anti-fretting; Assembly and continuous lubrication; Metal-free; Low water pollution class

Good Corrosion Protection; Good Fretting Prevention; Good Water Resistance; High Tack & Adhesion; Low Speed Performance




High Temperature