Hylomar® Universal Blue

Hylomar® Universal Blue is a polyester urethane based sealant that is non-setting and non-hardening even at high temperatures sealing and gasketing compound.

Packing: 100 g

Color: Blue

Brand: Hylomar

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Hylomar® Universal Blue sealant  is resistant to a wide range of fluids including all industrial fuels, oils, water and brine, air, turbine and piston engine combustion products, water, water/glycol and methanol mixtures, petroleum and synthetic diester lubricating oils, gasoline and kerosene fluids (Avtur & Avcat) and fluorocarbon refrigerants. Hylomar Universal Blue can be used to seal joint faces or threaded parts.

Features & Benefits

Non-setting jointing compound.
Temperature range -50°C to +250°C.
Resistant to fuels, oils, coolants and gases.
Easy to use.
Unlimited assembly time.
Easy to disassemble components sealed with Hylomar.
Use on metal to metal joint surfaces to replace conventional pre-formed gaskets.
Use as a gasket dressing to improve the sealing performance of the gasket and to assist gasket alignment during assembly.
Use as a non-curing thread sealant. Resists vibration


Hylomar Universal Blue enables the effective sealing of metal to metal and plastic to plastic components. Typical applications include water and oil pumps, instrument inspection covers, cylinder heads and sumps, and it can also be used for the coating for pre-formed gaskets, weather proofing, motors and outdoor high voltage circuit breakers. Inlet manifolds, timing case covers, oil pump joints, gear box and transmission components or thread sealing it has also been successfully been used in the assembly of gas turbines, water cool generators and turbo vacuum systems. There is no staining of copper and silver, etc., from traces of volatiles at elevated temperature, and is therefore suitable for joints, and threads in close proximity to switch mechanisms, etc.




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