Hylomar® M

Hylomar M is a specially formulated non-setting gasket and jointing compound based on the Hylomar Universal Blue technology but with a non-chlorinated hydrocarbon solvent carrier.

Packing: 80 g

Color: Blue

Brand: Hylomar

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Hylomar® M (previously known as Racing Formula) is an acetone based version of Hylomar Univeral Blue. The only noticeable physical difference between the Hylomar M and the original Hylomar Universal Blue is the acetone version exhibits increased adhesive properties when compared to the standard Hylomar Universal Blue. Thus, making it an ideal product for high performance applications. Therefore, it is used by Formula One and NASCAR® race teams.

Features & Benefits

Dichloromethane free
Non-setting jointing compound.
Temperature range -50°C to +250°C.
Resistant to fuels, oils, coolants and gases.
Easy to use.
Unlimited assembly time.
Easy to disassemble components sealed with Hylomar.
Use on metal to metal joint surfaces to replace conventional pre-formed gaskets.
Use as a gasket dressing to improve the sealing performance of the gasket and to assist gasket alignment during assembly.
Use as a non-curing thread sealant. Resists vibration


Approved for use in the following industries: automotive engines, transmissions, motor cycle engines, power generation, electric motors, pump manufacture, valve manufacturing, refineries, industrial radiators, tractors, chemical, mining, marine engines, railways, paper and packaging machinery and non-aerospace defence industries.




Gasket Sealants, Gasketing, Non Drying, non-setting, Thread Sealant